I have always been really into fitness, ever since I could walk I was taking ballet lessons; dancing took over my evenings and weekends throughout my school life. I decided to study dance further after school where I focused on contemporary and lyrical methods, which I then went to teach at a ballet school in Berkshire. London started calling and I took a corporate job in the city after education and put my passion for dance on hold, long days at a desk and busy London life took its toll and I decided I needed a change! 

What got you interested in fitness in the first place?
I found my love for the gym about four years ago, I explored gyms and boutique studios all over London and took all types of classes ranging from yoga and spin to olympic lifting, I wanted to take my new passion to the next level so started my fitness blog. The blog helped me find motivation and kept me going through corporate life; it felt like the next step was to study, so I took my Level 2 and Level 3 Personal Training qualifications outside of work - probably one of the most demanding courses I have done in a very long time! I absolutely loved studying fitness and nutrition, I was fascinated throughout the course and knew this was where I saw my career moving.

Why did you choose to work at PBB?

I have always really enjoyed barre classes as it links back to my dancing roots, in particular PBB classes. PBB incorporates so many different types of a workout including: cardio, flexibility, strength and conditioning. I love how every class with every trainer is different, you never know exactly what you are in for! Classes are fun, personable and will leave you feeling a sense of achievement every time (and most importantly, pretty sweaty!). I started training with Paola and the team at PBB and have since been hooked on the method, the whole team are so passionate about what they do and are so completely full of energy, I knew once I had met everyone that this was the place for me. 


How do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated by thinking about how I will feel after finishing my workout, sometimes on a cold rainy day its easy to stay in and and order a take away (come on, we're not all perfect!) but I know I will always feel amazing after a good class. I always try and drag a friend with me to the gym for a bit of motivation, maybe a bit of competition as well... but I make sure we always have fun. I don't know anyone who said they went to the gym and regretted it! Keeping your workouts varied and enjoyable is so important, I like to mix my weeks up with barre, yoga, HIIT, weight lifting and cardio so that every session is a new challenge.

Which classes do you teach at PBB?
I teach all the barre classes, Come and join me!