• Bluebird Chelsea 350 King's Road London, England, SW3 5UU United Kingdom

We all know what January means, it’s time to stop the over-indulging that happens over Christmas time and get back into shape! And Bluebird is here to help you do this, we have created a schedule of fun fitness events followed by delicious healthy menus throughout January and February.

Partnering with Sophie Dear, Paola’s BodyBarre and Vita Pilates over the next two months means that we can offer a variety of classes and we haven’t even got to the good bit yet… included in your ticket price is meal at Bluebird! So whether you choose Barre followed by brunch or yoga then a light healthy supper, that is up to you! The thought of exercise seems so much easier when you know there is good food guaranteed afterwards!

Tickets are only £35 and this includes the glass and you food! To book your tickets please contact Rose via Bring it on 2017!