Adele Smyth

By combining Pilates One-One Personal Training and/or group Pilates classes with Sports Massage therapy, Adele aims to provide an overall mind and body balance as the various disciplines and therapy compliment one another in a great way.

What got you interested in fitness in the first place?

I've been involved in teaching fitness since 1995!  I danced from a young age and have always been very active, playing various sports and competing in dance and sporting competitions from the age of 5.  The impact and benefits that fitness has on my health and well-being fuelled my interest from the beginning and the creativeness aspect of designing my own workouts.

Who inspires you?

I have lots of inspiration from many people! I guess it's like minded people who want to use fitness to improve their health that I most look towards for inspiration.

Why did you choose to teach at PBB?

I chose to teach fitness as it keeps me healthy, both in mind and body and I love to impart my knowledge and experience to others and spread the word of the amazing benefits that it has for us all.

Where did you study fitness and health?

I trained with the Pilates Institute initially for my Pilates training and also at a nearby college.  Since then, I have studied various other courses at different venues around the country to improve and constantly build upon my skills and qualifications. 

How do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated to be a good example to my 2 daughters and a role model to them and anyone else who wants to be fit and healthy. Seeing my girls and others take an interest in fitness and health provides me with the best motivation of all to continue.

Which classes do you teach at PBB?

I teach the PBB Signature Class and PBB burn and a bit of dynamic Pilates here and there! 

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