Bianca is a professionally trained dancer and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Dance and Musical Theatre. She is also a trained Gymnast and Aerialist. Since graduating she has worked as a professional Dancer and Aerialist and has travelled all over the world performing. Fitness has been so important throughout her career as she has always had to maintain her own physical fitness and learn how to prevent injuries. For Bianca starting a career in the fitness industry was a natural progression. 

She fell in love with Barre as soon as she tried it and has been addicted ever since. ‘I love the graceful transitions combined with that deep burn and the way it makes you feel after. It is possible to gain a strong and lean body without lifting heavy weights and spending hours at the gym, plus its fantastic to workout with like- minded people’. When the opportunity came to teach PBB method, she knew this was the perfect fit. The combination of Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, and HIIT is fantastic and the way the routines are constantly changing means you never get bored. You will come away from class knowing that you got a good full body workout but also had fun along the way!