As a child Francesca was always active, after working in an office Francesca realised how much she missed training as a dancer, so decided to start back up again, learning Yoga and Barre, before finding her place at PBB.

What got you interested in fitness in the first place?

I trained from a young age as a dancer so my lifestyle has always been active and I have been aware of making healthy choices for my body. Growing up abroad has also made me a naturally sporty individual. As a child I was constantly outside playing, running around on the beach and swimming. After graduating I worked in an office for a while and realised I was hopeless at sitting at a desk all day, I needed to be on my feet! 

Who inspires you?

Classical dancers inspire me most. They are graceful, flexible and strong simultaneously. I believe dancers are inspirational with what they can achieve with their bodies. But equally I am inspired by the people around me; students, friends, trainers. 

Why did you choose to teach at PBB?

The PBB method takes me to my dancing roots and combines all the aspects of a workout I enjoy most; cardio, conditioning and flexibility. All this is set to a dynamic varied routine that flows naturally from one movement to another and helps me get into it! Loving the workout myself means I enjoy coming up with new sequencing and routines for the classes I teach. I started with Paola as a student and was inspired by her teaching methods and the results she gets! She also invests so much in her trainers both professionally and personally so she's a wonderful mentor and role model. 

Where did you study fitness and health?

I am originally Yoga trained - 200 hours, with The Yoga People and PBB trained for barre by Paola herself! 

How do you stay motivated?

I have generally always been a driven and self motivated person! I'm not very good at doing nothing so I'm always on the go and searching for a new challenge. Although sometimes it's hard after a long day or a hectic schedule to fit in your own workout and be positive about it but I always know I am going to feel a million percent better after a workout. 

Which classes do you teach at PBB?

PBB Signature, Burn at The Lorna Jane Studio and Detox Kitchen, Hot Barre and I also teach Power Yoga.