Joe Taylor

Joe’s strong work ethic, commitment and positive outlook on life helps to shape his training and coaching style. He has an evidence-based approach to training, using principles tailored to each individual’s current ability and goals.

What got you interested in fitness in the first place?

I've always played sport and have been interested in health and fitness forever. I went to a basketball academy for college where I started to take fitness and sport more seriously and after that I studied Sport Science at University and decided that this is what I want to do for a living.

Who inspires you?

Within the fitness industry I really like Andy Mckenzie and Elliott Hulse but in general I take inspiration for anyone around me doing positive things!

Why did you choose to teach at PBB?

I first started at PBB covering a few classes and loved the warm and friendly feeling of the place.

Where did you study fitness and health?

I studied Sports Science at Kingston University and gained further fitness qualifications at the University of Bath.

How do you stay motivated?

Motivation comes and goes. I try to make goals and plans when I feel particularly motivated and then stay disciplined in following through and achieving a goal.

Which classes do you teach at PBB?

At the moment I teach Friday Night Burn but any HIIT or TRX type of class!