Katie started training at PBB over a year ago before taking the plunge and joining our teacher training programme. Her energy and charm will leave you feeling motivated and ready for anything. Her experience in training actors while studying at the University of South Florida make Katie a perfect addition to the PBB team!

What got you interested in fitness in the first place?

I have always been interested in fitness since a very young age. From dance, to swimming, athletics, basketball and competitive figure skating, I was always doing something active growing up. In my senior years of high school I focused all my energy into dance, mainly contemporary, whilst also running a senior's/teachers fitness class on Tuesday afternoons after school. From then on I knew that I wanted to make dance and fitness a career.

Who inspires you?

When it comes to putting in hard work in life in general, I will have to be cheesy and say my Mum inspires me. Because of her I have never given up on my dreams, which I channel into my work outs and energy as a teacher. I am also truly inspired by new comers. It can be so scary turning up to a new class or starting to get fit for the first time or in a long time. Turning up is the biggest step, what follows is the best investment you could ever give to your body and I appreciate those people that make that step. Not to forget about our clients who turn up every week, those ladies keep us in our toes and they inspire me to keep routines fun and fresh!

Why did you choose to teach at PBB?

I took my first PBB class just under a year ago and I fell in love with it. From their positive work ethic and fast paced classes, to the friendly teachers and beautiful studio space I just knew I had to be a part of it. PBB truly is a different kind of work out, it's a community and it gives you all the happy endorphins you'll need to get you through your day.

Where did you study fitness and health?

I studied a BFA in Modern Dance at the University of South Florida, USA. Whilst studying there I also worked in the Entertainments Department for Busch Gardens Tampa, where I became a trainer for the Sesame Street Production. I learned so much through my studies at USF, however my work at Busch Gardens really gave me a passion for teaching and leading groups of people to better themselves physically. Once promoted to a trainer, I would have to put new cast members through a rigorous work out plan to help them get on stage and perform at their highest level. After completing my PBB training, I will look to complete my REPs level 2 Fitness Instructor and then to gain my Personal Training certificate early next year.

How do you stay motivated?

Life keeps me motivated. We are surrounded by fitness and people leading active lifestyles. I have to keep up with what's going on around me and to do that I need to be positive and truly motivated. I love what I do and I am thankful for the life I have, therefore I never take it for granted and want to live it the best way possible. I hope that the people I work with feed off my energy and can take something from it.

Which classes do you teach at PBB?

I teach PBB signature and Cardio-HIIT.