PBB Founder


Paola's career in health and fitness began 25 years ago in Australia. She completed her degree in Physical and Health Education in 1991, and her passion for fitness and nutrition led her to move on to personal training

After training in Australia until 1998, Paola moved to London, and began work in an exclusive Knightsbridge gym training celebrities, models, and executives. She became pregnant in 2002, and heard about the benefits of pre and post-natal Pilates through her clients and the media. Pilates proved to be the perfect exercise for her pre-natally, and effectively rehabilitated her post-baby body into pre-baby shape.

Paola went on to study at The Pilates Institute, has trained at numerous Pilates workshops, and has been drawing on her experience for the past eleven years to create and teach her own Dynamic Pilates routine.

Three children later, keen to evolve with the times, Paola found that the Barre was becoming the latest craze, which she loves! The end result is Paola's BodyBarre, which is a combination of her dynamic routine, core fitness, and Ballet Barre Conditioning. The method is currently available at our PBB Fulham and Wimbledon, a range of affiliated studios, Sweaty betty and KXU and at Private Members' Clubs , KX Gym Kensington and the South Kensington Club.