I am a real fitness fiend, have been a member of many fitness clubs around the world, and have tried many fitness methods. Without a shadow of a doubt, Paola is one of the best trainers I have come across, and her barre method is the best one I have ever tried. She is so full of energy and passion and really looks out and cares for how we do her class. Her classes are energetic, intense, varied and fun. Not only do I adore going to her class, but the results I have seen on my body are amazing - leaner longer and more toned muscles especially in the thighs, hips and bum area. I love Paola’s hot barre!
— Camila Perez
“In the afternoon, I do a session with Paola of Paola’s BodyBarre. It’s amazing and she’s awesome, and I love feeling the burn. Perfect for bum shaping.”
— Amber Le Bon
“I love PBB because it really gets results. Paola has changed the shape of my bum in a few months and helped me with my posture and core strength! You really feel the burn after and during every one of Paola’s classes but it’s worth definitely worth it.”
— Millie Mackintosh
“My absolute obsession this month is Paola’s BodyBarre”
— Amanda Byram
“If you want great “PINS” like Miranda Kerr you need to work for it. Paola’s BodyBarre, a Pilates, Ballet fusion,will tone, lift and sculpt your muscles and will give your ticker a good pumping too! “
— Hip & Healthy, July 2014
“The new studio for is Paolas’ BodyBarre in Fulham is fantastic – wish I lived closer!”
— Calgary Avansino
“Paola’s Bodybarre is an amazing workout. The class exceeded my expectations and I can still feel the effects days later.”
— Rosie Fortescue, Evening Standard Online November 2014
“Paola’s BodyBarre the hottest workout to ensure results fast”
— Sheerluxe, October 2014
“Paola’s BodyBarre….best for a pert bottom!”
— Women's Health Online, Amanda Byram, September 2014
To ensure you go to a gym/studio regularly you need to go to a great Gym/Spa: Paola’s Bodybarre named one of the best in London.
— Nicky Summer Lifestyle Magazine, August 2014
“Wow - having tried my hand at most forms of fitness, I can honestly say that Paola’s method is ballet barre conditioning at it’s absolute best. Not only do you see real, tangible results…. better tone, muscle definition, a flatter tummy(!)… But a month down the line, you feel genuinely stronger. Classes are full of energy, the teachers brilliantly motivating; but best of all, they are plain good fun. I am addicted!”
— Francesca White, Beauty Editor, Tatler Magazine
“In London my favourite studio is Paola’s Body Barre, in Fulham. It’s a great workout and Paola herself is incredible, so I thought she would be the best person to talk to you all about Barre and working out today”
— Deliciously Ella, 2015
“Paola is one of the most inspiring and motivated women around! I was bored of the x trainer and needed a change - her barre method is fantastic for posture, core and has helped massively with my lower back! Classes are intimate and Paola knows everyone’s name and allows no slacking... Hello new abs!”
— Lily Fortescue, Creator Cheek Frills Lingerie