Paola’s BodyBarre was created by Paola Di Lanzo to deliver a highly efficient workout that fuses many disciplines including dynamic Pilates, ballet barre conditioning, functional training and HIIT. It has been a “HIIT” and in high demand across SW London, lifting and shaping some of London’s hottest bodes!

These diverse disciplines work every single muscle of the body including the deeper stabilising muscles to work you from the inside out.

Expect to improve your posture, cardio vascular endurance, core strength, flexibility and muscle tone. Not to mention that derriere lift that PBB is famous for! This is a one stop shop of a workout that will keep you on your toes.

“My BodyBarre method is designed to maximise the workout you get from your time in the studio. To elongate, isolate and target muscles in the entire body, for a lean, toned, aligned, strong body...”
— Paola Di Lanzo, Founder